How to Create an Event from an Email in Gmail When It's Not Automatically Captured

Discover how to effortlessly transform your emails into calendar events with our Chrome extension. This comprehensive guide provides step-by-step instructions on leveraging the power of our tool to streamline your event creation process within Gmail.

Seamless Synchronization: Overcome Google's Missed Events

Tired of Google's Inconsistencies? Your Solution is Here: Ever faced the frustration of Google missing out on creating calendar events from your emails? The tedious process of manually creating them involves about 15-20 clicks, not to mention the risk of errors. Our Chrome extension bridges this gap flawlessly. It integrates with Gmail to automatically convert important email content into calendar events – a task Google often misses. This extension acts as your meticulous assistant, ensuring no event slips through the cracks.

Versatile Applications: From Work to Play

Adaptability for Work and Leisure: A Hassle-Free Experience: This isn't just another work tool; it's an essential for your personal life as well. Whether you're organizing a family event or planning a leisure trip, our extension simplifies it all. With its ability to catch what Google often misses, you can rest assured that every event from your emails is accurately and effortlessly transformed into a calendar entry. It's like having a vigilant organizer who never misses a detail, making your life significantly easier.

A Tool for Every Email: Simplify Your Personal and Professional Life

Start Your Error-Free Event Management Today:Ready to say goodbye to the hassle of manually creating events Google missed? Begin your journey towards seamless and error-free event management in just three steps: Search for our extension in the Chrome Web Store, click 'Add to Chrome', and transform your email content into perfectly captured calendar events. Welcome to the world of efficient, organized, and accurate scheduling.

Download the Text to Cal Chrome extension at and effortlessly create Google Calendar events from highlighted text.